How to choose the right wedding photographer for you!

I remember being a bride years ago and trying to find the perfect photographer. It was HARD. It was a bit of a different world back then 5 in half years ago (it’s true!). Pinterest wasn’t a thing and there weren’t SO many photographers to choose from. I feel like the world has exploded with photographers these days! I can only imagine it would be ever harder to decide which one is the right fit. While thinking it over I think there are three main things to help you find the right photographer for your day!

  1. STYLE: This is one of the most important things to think about. I think it’s harder as a person who isn’t a photographer to spot the differences. But look at the photos. Are they bright and airy? Are they darker and moody? Are they clean and modern? Then think about your wedding. Would this be a good fit for your wedding? What is the style of your wedding? Can you envision your wedding being blogged on this photographer’s website? If yes…then they might be a good fit! What is most important to you about photos? Is it to capture emotion? Do you love artistic edits? Is it to feel beautiful? To tell your story? Every photographer has a slightly different eye and it’s important to think these things over.
  2. BUDGET: This is an obvious one but I am not going to talk about it in the usual way. I remember when I was getting married I had to decide between two photographers. The first was a really amazing photographer and we knew one of the photographers so we were going to get an amazing deal. The problem was I didn’t feel like that was my “style”. I just didn’t connect to the work although they were truly amazing. The second was a random photographer I had found online who was much more expensive. But I just felt a connection with her work. I wanted my wedding photographed by her. I loved her eye. So we decided to go with the second photographer. But rather than an all-day two photographer package that we were going to get, we went with a smaller 6 hour package to fit in our budget. Honestly it was one of the best decisions of my life! I think it’s better to go with a smaller package from a photographer you LOVE than a huge all day-albums included-bells and whistles- of a photographer you just kind of like.3.CONNECTION: I truly believe this is an important part of a wedding day. You need to both connect to the person taking the photos and also the person’s work. While talking about budget, I mentioned that I just clicked with the second photographer. I think it’s truly the biggest compliment when a client tells me that they “connect” to my work. I always give the advice when a client is telling me they don’t know who to choose to go with your heart. It may sound cliche but I truly believe that you should go with your gut. If you are reading this blog then I am sure photography is very important to you. It’s one of the only things you will have 20 years after your wedding and to show your grand children. It’s an investment for years to come so you want to make sure that the photography represents your wedding! I hope these tips help you find the right photographer!
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